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January 19, 2019


Elder Alexander's Home-Page

You Should

Because Father God Do Answer Them.

Hello, I Am Elder L. Alexander:

A Man of "God". I am not going to always tell you what you would like to hear. But I have to tell you what you need to know through the Gift of The "HOLY SPIRIT", because the Holy Spirit speak to my Heart to tell you what it is you need to know. Sometime the "TRUTH" is not what you really want to hear are know. But this is what you will get from me. SO! if it is the TRUTH that you really, really want, then you are calling one of the right keen speaker. If it is not what you want, "PLEASE DO NOT CALL" and then give me a bad feedback. The TRUTH will set you "FREE"

And I Stand On The Word Of FATHER GOD.

Your Help Is Only A "Prayer & A Phone Call Away. If I May, I Would Like To Ask You A Question. Are You The One At Home That Is Always Doing The Giving, And In Return For Your Giving, You Have Been Getting Nothing Back From It But A Had Time? And Most Of All, You Are Doing All That You Can Do To Make It Work. But to Him or Her, it is as if you are always doing the wrong things, are you are not doing enough at all? Your Love For Him or Her Is In The House, But It Is As If He or She Is Not Even Home With You!! How many of you know what I am Talking About?

We Can Help Through Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, To Get

Call A Man Of God Now!